What’s In That? Stacked Cobb Salad

World of Beer takes this throwback luncheon classic to new heights.
A bed of field greens tossed in a tangy Greek-inspired vinaigrette forms the foundation of this Jenga-like tower of veggies and toppings. Roasted corn kernels cut off the cob aren’t traditional, but they’re a touch any Hoosier will love. In place of the typical Roquefort is a creamy layer of decidedly milder mozzarella. Cherry tomatoes lend their bright character to the rich mix. A thick strata of hard-boiled eggs adds some plush mortar directly in the middle.  A crown of avocado provides freshness and body.  World of Beer showers this new-wave Cobb with unorthodox strips of fried tortillas.  Chipotle barbecue sauce gives it a hit of spice and sweetness.