10 Most Popular Bars, Per Indy Lyft Users

Margaritas at Bakersfield

With popular car-sharing services swarming the streets of Indianapolis, hardly anyone has to serve as a designated driver for friends anymore. In good spirits, nightlife-lovers can easily and cheaply request a ride to and from their favorite watering holes. The thriving after-dark scene in Indianapolis got us wondering, though: Where do people go when they use these services? Over a 60-day period, Lyft compiled its top dropoffs citywide, and the results may or may not surprise you. Here’s the well-oiled roster:

Honorable Mention: Front Page Sports Bar & Grill (Mass Ave)

Margaritas at Bakersfield
Margaritas at Bakersfield

Fret not, Front Page. Spring is right around the corner, and with that expansive patio you feature, this bar should creep up the list.

10. The Sinking Ship (SoBro)

The food and draft beers here are almost as good as the hockey games shown on the TVs. Lots of beer and rowdy puckheads = a chauffeur.

9. HopCat (Broad Ripple)

Relatively new on the scene, HopCat offers something for everyone with its ballyhooed 130 beer taps. And the signature crack fries are sure to make one’s throat parched. More drinks mean more reasons to call a car.

8. Bakersfield (Mass Ave)

What’s that saying? “One tequila … two tequila … three tequila … floor.” Yep, someone else is driving.

7. Brothers Bar & Grill (Broad Ripple)

No shocker; this bar is always packed on the weekends as patrons flock to Broad Ripple Avenue’s hotspots.

6. Taps and Dolls (Downtown)

Located above 6 Lounge, this second-floor bar boasts 50 taps and the titular “dolls” (waitresses). I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is better, the brews or the babes.

Long Island at Kilroys
A tall Long Island at Kilroy’s

5. Union 50 (Mass Ave)

Live music and a bit of liquid courage can make some people think they are good dancers. Don’t let the libations fool you, though—there is no such thing as a good drunk driver.

4. Howl at the Moon (Downtown)

Unsurprising to see another Wholesale District bar appear here, as the fun being had at these spots wafts all the way down Georgia Street.

3. Kilroy’s Bar & Grill (Broad Ripple)

Known for its pub grub and Long Islands, one thing is certain: All Kilroy’s locations are intoxicating.

2. Tin Roof (Downtown)

With live music and free board games, it’s no wonder people can lose track of time and of how much they’ve had to drink.

1. Kilroy’s Bar & Grill (Downtown)

Are we seeing double? Yes, indeed. Cheers!