Foodie: Adam Odgaard of Rolli Sushi

Adam Odgaard of Rolli Sushi

Five years ago, former human capital management consultant Adam Odgaard entered the world of restaurant ownership by opening a small City Market stand selling poke bowls, a little-known cuisine at the time. The business, Poke Guru, would eventually relocate to The Garage food hall at Bottleworks District, add a location inside The Amp, and lay the groundwork for Odgaard’s latest obsession.

“Sushi was something I always wanted to tackle,” he says. In late April, he took on the iconic Japanese cuisine, returning to The Garage to launch sushi takeout spot Rolli. With its cartoonish branding—the logo is a squid bicep-curling two sushi rolls, and the counter is trimmed in pink and blue neon—Rolli pinwheels vinegared rice around ingredients such as wild-caught ahi, spicy krab, pickled mango, and sweet potato tempura. The house sauces include spicy gochujang-based mayo, a tangy pink drizzle laced with habanero and pickled beet brine, and Rolli’s version of creamy Peruvian aji amarillo. Everything is packaged and served in glossy blue bento-style paper boxes with little compartments for wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce.

“Our whole mission is to evoke curiosity,” says Odgaard, a Fountain Square resident who comes by his innovative drive honestly. His grandfather founded the popular Danish caravan trailer-tent business Isabella in 1957, and his father (who relocated from Denmark after falling in love with both the United States and Odgaard’s Hoosier mother) owned the local imported-furniture store, Scandinavian Comfort. “My family is entrepreneurial,” Odgaard says. “I’ve always been inspired to try to do things on my own.”