Sahm’s Famous Coffee Cake: What’s In That?

Sahm’s Famous Coffee Cake

Tony Valainis

A decadent little extra included with every entrée salad, the rich and tender coffee cake at Sahm’s locations has been sweet-talking regulars since the late ‘80s. Owner Ed Sahm wouldn’t think of using anything but King Midas cake flour, which lends lightness and structure to the cake so it doesn’t crumble on the plate. It’s no secret that sour cream is the wet agent that adds both moisture and tang to this local favorite. That, and plenty of butter and eggs. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans form the subtle swirl inside the cake and provide the perfect bit of crunch and spice. No frosting or glaze—just a good dusting of confectioner’s sugar gives the popular holiday request (whole cakes available frozen at most Sahm’s locations) a smooth, snowy finish.