Swoon List: Chicago Beef And Dog, Sidedoor Bagels, And More

The Al Bundy Burger from Chicago Beef & Dog Company

Julia Spalding

Five #IMSwoon things we’re craving for carryout right now.

The Al Bundy burger at Chicago Beef & Dog Company (5402 E. Washington St., 317-359-2333) uses an entire jumbo chicken tender as its garnish, along with onion rings, bacon, and cheddar cheese sauce.

Available for weekend pickup at Bluebeard (653 Virginia Ave., 317-686-1580), the Meaty Boi pizza applies soppressata and roasted tomatoes to a chewy crust that’s thick in all the right places.

While you’re at Amelia’s to pickup your Bluebeard pie, make sure to schedule a pickup for Sidedoor Bagels(where lox-and-dill cream cheese is among the schmear choices), or add your order to their wait-listed delivery.

Clarrisa Morley’s ever-creative team at Pots & Pans Pie Co. (4915 N. College Ave., 317-600-3475) put its own spin on a classic butterscotch pie, adding miso, brown sugar, and molasses for a savory balance to the traditional butterscotch sweetness. And the picture says a thousand words about that crust magic.

Perfect for a post-lawn cutting drink and available for curbside pickup, The Riverside by Indianapolis brewing newcomer Guggman Haus (1701 Gent Ave., 317-602-6131) is a refreshing and juicy New England style IPA.

We want to see your #IMSwoon finds. If you’re around town and see something tasty, post it to Instagram and tag us @IndyMonthly.