The Fake Tenderloins As Good As The Real Thing

Broad Ripple Brewpub‘s pancake-flat, slightly crunchy, and sprawling well outside a buttery brioche bun mock “chicken” tenderloin, at Indy’s oldest craft brewery known for its funkier, healthier fare, comes with a side of surprisingly rich vegan mayo. 842 E. 65th St., 317-253-2739,

Housemade seitan replaces the pork in the Buffalo Sheltonator, a decidedly unorthodox take on the original that the Fountain Square vegetarian go-to Three Carrots loads up with not-too-searing Buffalo wing sauce, cheese sauce, crispy fries, pickles, and a schmear of aioli. 920 Virginia Ave., 463-221-3669,

A thick-cut slab of slightly smoky seitan sits tidily on the vegan variation at the Bloomington-based Upland Brewing Company. The addition of chow chow, a pickled-cabbage relish, gives this version an intriguing sweetness and tang. 1201 Prospect St., 317-672-3671; 4842 N. College Ave., 317-602-3931; 820 E. 116th St., Carmel, 317-564-3400;