Best Indy Spas: Sea of Tranquility

Caribbean Therapy, $100, at Evan Todd Spa & Salon

The Premise: After a rough week, I needed to de-stress as if I had been whisked away to a tropical island. A full-body exfoliation would slough off the cells of winter crud, and a detoxifying seaweed masque would feel as if I’d hit my beauty clock’s reset button.

The Process: I slipped under the blankets onto a heated massage table, and Jackie began to rub a dry, grainy exfoliating scrub over my body, with just enough pressure to make the surface tingle. Next, she applied a warm mud masque over the scrub. The process was pretty sticky and messy, and though she handled the muck as delicately as possible, by the end of the application process, I felt (and looked) like a feral child who had just emerged from the forest. Once fully smeared, I was wrapped in the blankets and a crinkly Mylar sheet. While the seaweed masque went to work beneath the cocoon, I enjoyed a quick, swirling facial massage with elements of the trendy lymphatic drainage treatment that all the Parisian women are having done these days. Finally, after rinsing off in the ladies’ locker room, I was given a soothing full-body massage.

The Vibe: Everything—even a small Aveda shop—is positioned around a pool that’s under a peaked glass greenhouse ceiling. As a result, the spa feels like a utopian Aveda society.

The Result: My skin felt smoother, and I detected a hint of overall tightness from the toner in the seaweed. But I suspect I will be finding mud on my body for weeks—in places you can only see with two mirrors.

Before You Go: Do not wear underpants during the treatment. A full-body mud application and mid-session shower don’t work well with even the skimpiest clothing.

Wish We’d Known: To block out the whole day. Guests are invited to stay as long as they like, lounging by the pool or simply strolling around the retreat in their white robes.

Bonus Tip: Free valet parking is included.

50 W. Washington St., 317-524-2575,