My Look: Suede Shoes

Marion County judge Helen Marchal jazzes up her somber robe with a collection of colorful heels. Our verdict? Brilliant!

IM: Where did you find your pretty orange pumps?

HM: DSW. I didn’t need orange shoes—who does? But orange is my favorite color.

IM: No one sees your shoes behind the bench, right?

HM: Although I’m the only one who sees them, I won’t stop wearing them. Despite the black robe, I’m still me. My love for bright colors and appreciation for fashion won’t change. 

: Best step you’ve taken in these?

HM: They’re my lucky shoes. I wear them when my confidence needs a boost. Their trial run was the 2012 slating convention, where I spoke in front of 500 people. It worked out—I was elected.

: Other good-luck charms?

HM: My dad was a judge. Before he died, he wrote me a letter that I keep in my desk. It’s a reminder of what’s important.

: You were a journalist. How did you journey to a judge’s bench?

HM: After [reporting for] WISH-TV, I went into public relations and started law school. People might not see the parallels between journalism and law, but both focus on determining the truth and doing so impartially. 

: Where do you like to get a drink?

HM: Home. Where, funny enough, the first thing I do is take off my shoes.


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the July 2013 issue.