25 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Pace & Pattern Journal

A new planner from a local couple makes dreaming big fun.

Out with the dream board, in with Pace & Pattern, a vision journal made by Indianapolis couple Allison and Joseph Rhea. The green hardback book with simple gold details is stunning, and you will want to carry it around, just to feel more organized. That’s a good start toward achieving the goals you plan with the book. But it’s what’s inside that counts. In addition to using a lovely simple calendar, the Pace & Pattern method includes setting three goals per quarter (a habit, a rhythm to get into, and a project to plan) and tracking weekly to-do’s that support each of those goals. Given the growing nature of Pace & Pattern (the Rheas sold out last year and quadrupled their production this year), evidently they know how to bring an idea to fruition. One tip: Form a group using their suggestions on leading one. Gift the journal to yourself and a few inspired friends, and start pacing. $58. paceandpattern.com