Hot List: The 'Burbs Edition

Stylish Stuff We’re Loving Right Now

The Hot List is a weekly roundup of our very favorite Instagram finds.
We remember these pom-topped beanies from last year! And we’re still just as eager to plop one on and high-tail it to the slopes. BluePeppermint Boutique, 8936 South St., Fishers, 317-436-7082

At 5’10” and with most of that height in her torso, the Hot List is jealous of girls who can slip into jumpsuits and rompers and make them look effortlessly cool instead of a stretchapalooza waiting to go very wrong. But fine, girls. Have at this adorable one, too. One of us should get to benefit. Dottie Couture BTQ, several area locations.

Embroidered deep-green, moto-style, vegan (our favorite kind) leather jacket! The floral stitching is so on trend now, and we love the loden hue as an alternative to black. 14 Districts, Carmel City Center

A new stash of cute farmhouse-chic stuff? Color us intrigued … Farm Girl Mercantile, 436 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 317-476-3235

Thanksgiving tablers, prepare for warp crafty speed at these cute mall paper-goods and tabletop-supply stores. Paper Source, The Fashion Mall