Every Free Thing You Can Get At Ikea Next Week

From a sofa to store gift cards to buy-one-get-one fro-yo, here’s what you can pick up gratis starting Opening Day (October 11).

Yeah, the crowds will likely be insane when Ikea opens its Fishers store at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, just off I-69 at the 116th Street exit. Here are a few reasons to consider braving the hordes just the same:

WEDNESDAY, October 11

First 45 adults (ages 18 and older)—Ektorp three-seat sofa (in honor of this, the Swedish company’s 45th U.S. store).

Poang armchair

Next 100 adults—Poang armchair.
Famnig toy

First 100 children (ages 17 and younger)—Famnig heart-shaped soft toy
First 2,500 adults—random prize envelope, which might have an Ikea gift card ranging from $10 to $250. On the other hand, it might get you a BOGO hot dog.
First 100 adults with an October 11 birthday—$45 gift card. Proof of birthday required.
Enter to win—From October 11 to 15, store visitors can enter for a chance to win one of 20 $250 gift cards by registering for the Ikea Family loyalty program.

THURSDAY, October 12

Haugesund mattress

First 45 adults—queen-sized Haugesund mattress.
Alina sleep set

Next 100 adults—Alina bedspread and two cushion covers
Gosig soft toy

First 100 children—free Gosig golden dog soft toy.

FRIDAY, October 13

Sensuell cookware

First 45 adults—4-piece Sensuell cookware set.
Ikea Swedish meatballs

Next 100 adults—12 monthly meatball meals for two, expiring October 31, 2018.
Ikea fro-yo

First 100 children—free soft-serve frozen yogurt
And, of course, there’s always the latest Ikea catalog, nothing to sneeze at—other stores are constantly running out of it. The brand says it’s the “world’s most distributed annual free publication,” with some 217 million copies printed in 33 different languages and 62 editions. Grab a 326-page book by the back door while the getting is good.