8 Indy Chocolates To Share Local Love

Sweeten your Valentine’s box of chocolates with Hoosier-made truffles and bars.

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♥ Rose-Cardamom Truffle


Chocolatier Joann Hofer sources organic chocolate from her native Austria. The filling of this aromatic treat is steeped with rose petals and brightened with citrusy cardamom.

Sweetalicious Truffle

Litterally Divine Chocolates

The organic coconut milk and coconut oil in this dairy-free nibble let the fruity notes of the chocolate shine. 15 W. Main St., Greenfield, 371-6392

Natural Dark Chocolate Bar

Endangered Species Chocolate

Tart cherries temper the warm tingle of cinnamon and cayenne in this dark-cocoa bar from the local company that donates 10 percent of its profits to conservation efforts.

Choco-Latte Truffle

Confection Delights

Dark-chocolate ganache infused with coffee is dipped in white chocolate and dusted with cinnamon for a bite reminiscent of your morning brew. 57 S. Washington St., Danville, 718-7060

Temple Garden Tea Truffle

Chocolate for the Spirit

A white-chocolate ganache core infused with Temple Garden Tea is enrobed in another white-chocolate layer and rolled in pistachios and almonds. City Market; 301 E. Carmel Drive, Carmel, 518-8842

Sea-Salt Caramel

J. Evelyn Confections

Melt-in-your-mouth butter caramels—in flavors that have included Hawaiian macadamia nut—are dunked in chocolate and sprinkled with flakes of sea salt. 15 W. Main St., Greenfield, 213-7414

Caramelized Hazelnut Chocolate

Ghyslain Chocolatier

Subtle notes of roasted hazelnuts and a touch of bourbon highlight the ultra-creamy milk-chocolate interior of the heart-shaped treat made exclusively for Carmel gourmet market Vine & Table.

Dark Cherry Truffle

The Best Chocolate in Town

Among the seasonal goodies at Elizabeth Garber’s shop, none are as perfect for Valentine’s Day as the rich marriage of dark-chocolate ganache, dried cherries, and cherry juice. 880 Massachusetts Ave., 636-2800