Discovery: Indiana-Made Leather Coffee Sleeve

Drink your third-wave Ethiopian Yirgacheffe the cool way, in a glass jar with a leather coffee sleeve. We love this one from an Indiana artisan.

Reusable alternatives to cardboard cups and all their trappings aren’t exactly hard to find these days. LM Products’ new Ball-jar leather coffee sleeve, however, is a much-needed antidote to Etsy’s surplus of kitschy knits and novelty prints. The Anderson-based leathergoods maker has been crafting guitar straps since 1975, but only recently has the company turned over this stylish new leaf with the help of vice president Tyler Mechem. After studying music in Charleston, South Carolina, and touring the country with his band, Mechem decided to return home, settle down with his wife and son, and head up the third generation of his family’s company. His brand-new glass-jar sleeve, available in three shades, is the latest starring role for LM’s buttery leather. Each thick, securely attached sleeve ($22 plus $10 shipping) has a leather handle and comes with its own pint jar, ready to take your morning-coffee game to the next level. (We’d gift it with a bag of locally roasted beans.) Better yet, Mechem suggests using the vessel as your whiskey glass—there’s nothing quite like a “subtle hint of that great leather smell” while you’re tossing back an Old Fashioned, he says. Cheers to that. Online only; $22 plus $10 shipping