Speedy Delivery: Silver in the City Goes Mobile

Need a gift in a hurry? Owner Kristin Kohn and Co. are at your service.
Downtown’s beloved Silver in the City (434 Massachusetts Ave., 317-955-9925) is streamlining the gifting process by adding a new delivery service.
Owner Kristin Kohn says she wants to help people who may find themselves in sticky situations. “We have in-store pick-up, but sometimes that’s still not helpful for really busy people,” says Kohn.
For now, the delivery area is confined to the downtown regions enclosed by the Cultural Trail. Kohn says that the service may expand to other areas nearby, such as the IUPUI campus or Methodist Hospital, but for now, she just wants to get her feet wet.
The delivery service will start on one of the most crucial gifting days in America: Feb. 14.
Making a purchase is simple: Visit SITC’s website, choose an item, head to checkout, and select the tab that reads “emergency gift service.”
If the recipient is missed, SITC staffers will leave a note at the delivery site, and either giver or giftee can pick up the present at a later time in-store.
The fine print: Purchases can only be made Monday through Friday. Any order placed by noon will be delivered by 5 p.m. the same day. Deliveries can be made to the giver or directly to the recipient.
All purchases of $50 or more will be delivered with no additional fee. Purchases under $50 will require a delivery fee and the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization.