The Shopportunist: Prices Slashed at 8FIFTEEN

8FIFTEEN (815 E. 65th St., 317-253-1234) is having an amazing sale on most of their warm-weather clothing and shoes—amazing, as in 75 percent off. This, at the shop that Elle recently named one of the top 50 boutiques in the country? Believe it. 

I was there on Saturday and bought some black Vince pants that I love. I really don’t love to try on pants; I almost didn’t. But I did, and fell in love with them. I also got a beautiful Raquel Allegra lace top, a Gryphon slouchy-but-dressy short-sleeved “sweatshirt,” and the piece de resistance—the shoes I have been dreaming about for the last three months, seen here: Vic Matie wedges. All of these pieces I can wear right now—I wore the shoes Saturday night—and all were 75 percent off. 

How do I love these shoes? Let me count the ways. First, they are wedges, which means I can actually walk in them. Two, they provide height to my 5-foot-3 bod. Three, they’re two different colors, nude with a peek of black in the back, which is always cool because you can wear them with more things. But the best part is that the strap that goes around the ankle is nude—crucial if you are short (check) and you wear these shoes with a dress (check). If the ankle strap were black, they would not be nearly as flattering to my stubby, short legs. Why? Because black breaks up the leg line, while the nude keeps it continuous. It’s totally an illusion, and it’s totally true. Bonus: the strap is Velcro, so you don’t need to deal with pesky buckles.

Get thee to 8FIFTEEN while the getting is good!