Ask Me Anything: Scott Jones

The tech mogul talks social media, scandal, and Batman.

Serial entrepreneur Scott Jones has a couple of things on his mind this year: the power of social media and the power of love in his marriage to poker star Vee Vee after a very public dust-up over alleged infidelity.

What’s the next hot thing in social media?
This may sound self-serving, but ChaCha has a new app coming out for the teen demographic. It has some Instagram-like elements. You will be able to include pictures [and ask], “What is this thing I’m looking at?” or “Should I wear this?” Answers will come from experts in seconds or minutes. Vee has been instrumental in the strategy and design. She is more aware of all these apps than anyone else I know.

Speaking of Vee Vee and social media—how did your marriage survive the Twitter scandal last summer, when she accused you of cheating?
She genuinely thought that I was having an affair. I have never cheated on her. But her reality was that something was going on, and she wasn’t going to have it.

How did you guys meet?
We met on It was pretty obvious that we were meant for each other. We rendezvoused in Austin, Texas, on Congress Bridge, which is famous for its urban bat colony. We didn’t know that when we first went up there, but because of it, we’ve been benefactors of bat conservation in the U.S., and I put in a few bat houses on our property to give them a nice place to live. And we wear Batman shirts quite a bit.

Any relationship advice?
Be totally committed, all in, or get out.

This article appeared in the March 2014 issue.