Indy Businesses Tackle Deflategate Scandal

The Flying Cupcake, MacNiven’s, Vardagen, and St. Elmo all take aim. Have you seen more do so? Tell us in the comments below.

Local businesses around Indianapolis aren’t dropping the subject of Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts loss to the New England Patriots. The ball-tampering scandal known colloquially as Deflategate has become a marketing ploy for some, as shown in the photos above.

Colts players and fans, as well as economic opportunists, obviously still have Deflategate on the brain. And why not? Reggie Miller and Pat McAfee do, too:

Have you seen any funny marquees or products referencing the great Deflategate controversy of 2015? Fire away in the comments below!

And here’s our take: While some fans would blame the desultory showing on deflated footballs the Patriots introduced during the AFC Championship game, in truth, the Colts were quite simply whelmed.