IM Takes Home Nine SPJ Awards

Staff and contributors win six firsts at state’s annual banquet.
At its annual banquet on Friday, the state chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists presented IM with nine 2015 Best in Indiana Journalism awards, including six firsts. Here is the complete list of honorees:


Criminal Justice Reporting (includes all pubs/news services over 40K circ)

First—Michael Rubino and Evan West, “Under the Gun”

Third—Adam Wren, “Recycleforce Can’t Lose”


Features Writing (magazines and non-daily newspapers)

First—Michael Rubino, “Old School”


Arts and Entertainment Writing (magazines and non-daily newspapers)

First—Daniel S. Comiskey, “Dave”


Personality Profile (magazines and non-daily newspapers)

First—Adam Wren, “Man of Conviction”


Column Writing (magazines and non-daily newspapers)

First—Philip Gulley’s Back Home Again (“Beyond Belief,” “Without a Hitch,” “Yesterday’s News”)


Multiple Picture Group (pub circ above 40,000)

Third—Eduardo Torres, “Making the Leap”


Magazine Cover

First—Todd Urban (February, September, December)


Magazine Design other than Cover 

Third—Todd Urban, “Best New Bars”