Tweets of the Week: Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Whether you deem the RFRA an example of March Madness, Radness, or Sadness as personal rights are concerned, you certainly have a take on it. And you are not alone.
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“And how does that make you feel?” Some might say Indiana itself, or at least many a resident, needs a therapist after the Hoosier State drew local, national, and even international ire (we’re looking at you, BBC) this week and last over Senate Bill 101, also known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). National types and Indianapolis- and Indiana-based businesses and individuals—large and small, famous and not—are taking to social media to share what they think and how they feel about the RFRA. Governor Mike Pence signed the controversial legislation into law today to the dismay of many and to the resounding cheers of still a number of others. The law’s stated intent is to allow religion-centric businesses to turn away customers who don’t align with their beliefs, and allows individuals not to associate in such settings with those who allegedly would compromise their religious holdings. Public figures, businesses, and media observers are all chiming in:



Jason Collins, the first openly gay active NBA player spoke out days before the bill’s passage and signing:


More notable business leaders and celebrities took to Facebook and Instagram to express their concerns about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act:


Saturday Night Live poked fun at RFRA during its The Weekend Update segment:Video via WTHR Channel 13


Governor Mike Pence appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to discuss RFRA:

Video via This Week