Indiana Sen. Dan Coats Tweets Hilariously About Being Banned from Russia

In light of Russia’s retaliatory move to ban Coats and other U.S. government leaders from visiting, the Indiana senator issued his own list, that akin to Letterman’s Top 10 kitsch.
Indiana Sen. Dan Coats has made no friends at the Kremlin, suffice it to say. His desire for sanctions imposed on Russia in light of its manuever to infiltrate Ukraine’s Crimea region actually got him banned from Vladimir Putin’s kingdom land this week. (He did decry Putin’s perceived imperial ambitions.)
President Barack Obama revealed sanctions against Kremlin cronies Putin-appointed officials and others, only to see Russia retaliate with the release of a roster of blackballed Congressional leaders and White House operatives. That list also included Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey), who chairs the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. Among Coats’s follies in Putin’s mind, no doubt, was a recent op-ed piece at
Coats formerly served as an ambassador to Germany, where Angela Merkel, Deutschland’s chancellor, likely abides in Putin fatigue up to her eyes as well. Coats is presently a member of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence.
While many political leaders and elected officials have Twitter accounts voiced by staffers—de facto mouthpieces for the digital age—Coats set his feed apart on that medium with his David Letterman–inspired list of things he’s now bound from doing due to the Russian president’s actions.

Too bad. One good palatial arts hub deserves another.

Psst. Dan. It’s probably … Hoosier.

Oh, wow. Points for alliteration here, senator. Well done.

That wouldn’t be very low-key Indianan of you anyway. And you do know the acronym PETA, right?

As a digital doer who moonlights as a freelance tennis writer, now you’re speaking my language, senator. (Props to any Indy dweller who actually knows who she is. I should buy you a vodka drink.)

That’s okay. We still have Warsaw, Indiana, and the same in Poland, not to mention Peru, Mexico City, Atlanta, Monrovia, Morocco, Brazil, and a host of others.

What’s your favorite of Senator Coats’s witticisms?