Q&A: Andy Murphy of Across the Arts (and Yes, Ryan's Mom)

The local writer, literary agent, and mother of Glee creator Ryan Murphy will lead a panel of authors and filmmakers at the Across the Arts event, at the Palladium on July 20. We caught up with her for a prologue.

IM: A lot of the creative talent attending this event is local. How do we keep those people in Indy? 

AM: If you want the arts to thrive in your area, you have to support them with funding. Apparently, our community’s priorities are elsewhere. We even came close to losing our symphony.

IM: How important is writing to those who won’t pursue it as a career?

AM: It’s critical! Regardless of  what you pursue, when you go out and get a job, you’re probably going to have to write. 

IM: How did you encourage your son Ryan’s writing talent as he was growing up?

AM: The key was exposing him to books. We spent a lot of time in the library. And we encouraged him to use his imagination. His stories were unbelievable. I can’t take any credit for his writing, but I can take credit for introducing him to books.


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the July 2013 issue.