Burlesque, Fashion, and Dance at Tanjerine's Main Event

Burlesque, fashion, a pop-and-lock dance troupe, and a fitting frenzy to conclude four days of the inaugural event’s goings-on.

Burlesque performers stole the show on Saturday night at the Tanjerine finale, even as bartenders crafted cocktails with the hip-hop–laden Great Gatsby soundtrack wafting overhead and retailers and models schmoozed with burlesque performers and local fashionistas. The night’s apex arrived, quite literally, with Creme de la Femme performer La Fleur Soleil‘s acrobatic showing, which withstood a minor technical difficulty (her hoop didn’t lower as quickly as intended) to put on a subtly astounding display of burlesque-geisha passion.

Also, Friday night’s resident dance troupe, Alkemy, returned, augmenting DJ Cool Hand Lex‘s sets with its pop-and-lock moves, including these during a perfect merger of songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and M.I.A.:

Yep. Alkemy happens. And so four days of fashion, film, and food went not so gently into that good night, with an animated zeal and a flair for color and community.

Photos by Michael Schrader