Tanjerine Spotlights Fashion on Night Three

The four-day festival of fun promised film, food, and fashion, and it certainly delivered on the night of April 18.

“Crop it like it’s hot!!!” read one model’s top. Enough said.

A litany of designers, shop owners, and models descended on The Sanctuary on Penn venue Friday evening for one of the fashion-centric nights during Tanjerine’s inaugural four-day event. The weather dressed itself for the models, as they sported spring designs in a veritable parade of style, making the perimeter of the venue their runway not once but twice. Who could fault them? When you look that good, you’re bound to make a victory lap. To that end, DJ Gabby Love led the procession.

Tanjerine founder Ryan Hickey, who also created the annual Oranje event, turned out moves among models and members of the dance troupe Alkemy, who returned to rock the venue’s main chamber on Saturday night. Even a tuba player got into the mix, as seen in the slideshow above. Members of Alkemy operate across the Midwest, though this particular group hailed from a nearby Indy base.

House in a freight container out back, Tommy Dant, founder of Irvington’s James Dant store, set up shop along with other boutique proprietors. Some others operated inside the building, a restored former church, including Brooke Lindemann, who designs handmade leather accessories for her online boutique, Leather Feather Stone, currently based on Etsy.com, and Corey Bee, who spawned Righno Boutique, a pop-up shop that also operates online.