January 2014

January 2014 issue of Indianapolis Monthly magazine

Vol. 37 » Issue 6

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Editor’s Note

Amanda Heckert introduces our January issue and admits to being hooked on Orange is the New Black.


COVER STORY: The New Comfort Foods
Some of Indy’s best restaurants serve fresh takes on old favorites, dishes that evoke adventure while making us feel right at home. Pull up your chair and stay awhile!

Plus: Mac ’n’ cheese made the right way(s), and home cookin’ with local chefs.

» WEB EXTRA: Sole Food
Munch on this: We got more chefs to play our comfort-food “either/or” game than we could pack into the cover feature this month.

PROFILE: When Will Kristine Bunch Be Free?
Locked away for killing her 3-year-old son, a crime she says she didn’t commit, Kristine Bunch spent 16 years in prison while fighting to win her release. In 2012, the gavel finally fell in her favor. But she’s still struggling to find justice.

» WEB EXTRA: Precedents
See how the Indiana Court of Appeals’ decision to overturn Kristine Bunch’s murder conviction in March 2012 steered the course of IMPD officer David Bisard’s case more than a year later.

POLITICS: Hot-Button Issues, 2014 Edition
From gay marriage to Glenda Ritz to Sunday booze, we covered 10 topics Hoosiers are fired up about—and what you’ll need to know before jumping into heated cocktail-party discussions.

AND THEY’RE OFF: Big Court Cases & Political Races
From poll positions to hot dockets, the high-profile political and legal bouts worth watching in 2014.

THE BEAT: Doing Their Homework
Glenda Ritz may still be a rookie on the government gridiron, but her team knows how to orchestrate a good old-fashioned political hit.

Circle City

FRONT & CENTER: New Frame of Mind
Former IMA staffer Sarah Urist Green makes her PBS debut.

The Angie’s List cofounder talks tough to bad contractors.

» WEB EXTRA: Angie, Unguarded
Extended outtakes and audio from the IM interview with Hicks.

SOCIETY: Knot Here
Where gay Hoosiers are getting hitched while same-sex marriage remains illegal in Indiana.

STREET SAVVY: Bloomington
A rail-trail sparks a new generation of urban walk-ups on and near Morton Street.

REALTY CHECK: Designs on History
Leslie Ayres’s home-show legacy lives on around Indy.

AT HOME: Laura Steele’s Sound Studio
The rock DJ decorates her recording booth with the mementos of her trade.

TRAVELER: Golden Opportunity
America’s best neighborhood is now just a nonstop flight to San Francisco away.



WANTED: Lace-up Boots
(With handy zippers!)

Vibrant tribal prints and paterns.

MY LOOK: Dan Ripley’s Wooden Glasses
The antiques dealer looks sharp and sees clearly.

SHOPTALK: A Lot of Dottie
Greenwood’s favorite boutique takes on the north side.

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Arts & Culture

CULTURE COUNTER: Black and White
Local museums and libraries collaborate on a flashback to the ’60s.

CULTURE Q&A: Daniel Levitin
Part rock star, part neuroscientist, and part New York Times–bestelling author.

CULTURE CALENDAR: Magic, MLK, and Merlot
Our picks for the coolest events in January.

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Eat + Drink

REVIEW: Shoefly Public House
With local brews and luxe grub, the new eatery blazes a dining trail north of downtown. Here goes the neighborhood.

FOODIE: Rook’s Carlos Salazar
A new chef and co-owner expands Rooks banh me menu into something to crow about.

VIDEO RECIPE: Diver Scallops
Junonia’s take on the shellfish makes the plunge into City Market.

ROAD TRIP: Hing Kee Restaurant
An eating adventure in Chicago’s Chinatown.

DISCOVERY: B. Happy Peanut Butter
The locally made treat is so good you’ll want to “Eat it with a spoon!”

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As the new year dawns, so does a new political faction: my own.
by Philip Gulley

Clever call letters, an empty zoo, and the worst snowstorm ever.
by Sam Stall

DEBORAH PAUL: Bedtime Story
Getting a good night’s sleep is more complicated than it used to be.


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