Fountain Square’s Game Paradise: Movers and Shakers

What to play at Fountain Square’s “game library.”

Our picks at Game Paradise, a new board-game salon downtown.

Game Paradise info boxHave you memorized the Cards Against Humanity deck?
TRY: Personally Incorrect
The Game Paradise staff describes the other black-box card game as even raunchier than CAH. The mechanics are similar, but PI leaves out the “fluff” cards and includes an “insert name” feature that lets you craft downright awful things about fellow players. Hint: Do not play with Mom.

Want to ROFL?
TRY: Telestrations
Each player receives a secret word, draws it, and passes it to the next person, who does the same thing based on the doodle—an illustrated version of Telephone. Can the original word survive several guess-and-sketch rounds, or will it be botched, ridiculously?

Turned on by teamwork?
TRY: Pandemic
The world will succumb to a deadly scourge unless players can work strategically with each other to quash outbreaks and beat the game.

High on history?
TRY: Twilight Struggle
Rewind to the Cold War. Player 1 is the U.S.; player 2 is the U.S.S.R. In this card-based game of strategy, they duke it out on a world map as historic events unfold, performing operations—and even coups—until someone is crowned the superpower.

Can’t handle one more game of Candy Land?
TRY: Coconuts
Use monkeys with spring-loaded arms to fling rubber balls into cups.

Looking to entertain kids as well as adults?
TRY: Camel Up
Winner of Germany’s noted game-of-the-year honor in 2014, it entails racing and betting at a desert track.

Miss the early ’90s?
TRY: Dream Phone
A pink phone gives clues on “who, who, who’s got a crush on you?” You guess the guy. The rest is history.


This article appeared in the August 2015 issue.