RFRA: What You Might Have Missed

Developments surrounding the controversial law are moving quickly.
Here, the latest on the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. Since being signed into law last week by Governor Mike Pence, the statute has sparked widespread outrage across the country from opponents who believe RFRA legalizes discrimination of members of the LGBT community:


» Nine CEO’s of major Indiana employers—including IM‘s parent company Emmis Communications—expressed their opposition to RFRA on Monday afternoon and called on Governor Mike Pence and the state legislature to modify the “religious freedom” law. Here’s the statement.


» The City-County Council passed a ordinance opposing RFRA by a 24-4 vote Monday evening:


» Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard appeared on CNN Monday night to discuss the RFRA backlash.


» The Indianapolis Star devoted its entire front page to the issue.


» Pence defended the law and his stance with an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.


» The governor followed that up with an appearance this morning on Fox & Friends, where he said the law doesn’t provide a license to discriminate:



» In a press conference today, Pence says he wants to see new legislation that will clarify RFRA. Says the law doesn’t give anyone the right to deny services to members of the LGBT community.