Unspoken Rules of The Hilly Hundred

Conquering the ups and downs of Ellettsville’s 100-mile bike course October 21–23.

• Very few people look good in Lycra. The trick is not to care.

• Even the best riders once had to walk their bikes up tough hills. No shame in hoofing it.

• “On your left!” Every time.

• Pass someone struggling up a hill? Spare some breath for words of encouragement.

• You’ll see faster riders fly by, but hey—they’re missing out on beautiful fall foliage.


• Injuries happen on the way down. Feather your brakes, using more pressure on the rear.

• Ask before joining a paceline of strangers.

• If you don’t know what a paceline is, don’t try to ride in one.

• Conserve your energy. Mile 90 will not feel like mile 10. Especially if you ate too much of the delicious fried chicken served at lunch. 

For more information on the annual ride, visit HillyHundred.org. Share your unspoken rules, tips, and tricks with us at @IndyMonthly or in the comments below.