Unspoken Rules of Winterfest

The indoor beer bash spills forth at the Fairgrounds on January 30.

• Leave your coat in the car. A few minutes of cold are better than a few hours of lugging it around.

• Head straight for the Three Floyds table. The line only gets longer.

• Buy a pretzel necklace for sustenance. Better yet, make one ahead of time.

• If you’re there for the VIP hour, move quickly while the hordes wait at the door.

• Pilsners, wheats, and porters first. Palate-crushing IPAs later.

• Unless you’re a die-hard, skip the outdoor cask ales area.

• The most important thing to sample? Water.

• Collect a life worth’s of free koozies in a single afternoon.

• Uber: designated driver for those who forgot to arrange one.

• Don’t make any dinner plans. You’ll be asleep by 7 p.m.