Unspoken Rules of Symphony on the Prairie

The grass is greener when you know the ropes.

  •  “Symphony” is a little misleading. There’s a Mozart show (July 8–9), but also a Billy Joel/Elton John tribute (July 22–23). Oh, and Toto. Yes, “Africa” Toto (August 19–20).
  • Take the tram from the parking lot to the gate, or bring a wagon for your picnic. It’s a trek.
  • Save the vintage metal cooler for IMA Summer Nights peacocking.
  • Check the event’s Facebook page for deals and prime tables, especially a day or two out.
  • Don’t forget a corkscrew.
  • But if you do, someone nearby will lend you one.
  • Watch where you aim that bug spray. You’re surrounded by Smoking Goose salumi.
  • Before you go, Google “Portlandia outdoor movie YouTube.”
  • The dance floor will fill up. Eventually.

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