Unspoken Rules of Tree Farms

The clear-cut guide to finding your perfect specimen.

• For a tree that stays fresh through Epiphany, skip the pre-cut options and channel your inner lumberjack.

• Axe, no. Bow saw, yes.

• Stop and smell the branches—really. Each variety of tree has a unique scent, such as the citrusy aroma of concolor firs.

• Consider your ornaments. Heavy decorations need the stiffer branches of varieties like blue spruce.

• On a budget? Look for fast-growing pines. Ready to splurge? Choose slower-growing firs.

• Measure twice, cut once. Trees look deceptively smaller in the great outdoors.

• Plan ahead for transport. Giant tree + Mini Cooper = impossible physics.

• Want a silent night? Skip the busy weekends and come on a weeknight. (All is calm, all is bright.)