10 Things I've Learned While Locked Up in the Vonnegut Library

In observance of Banned Books Week, Indianapolis writer Hugh Vandivier has been stuck in the same downtown window since Sunday. But his mind has been wandering.

1. I dragged my old futon out of storage thinking, “Hey, it can double as a bed and a sofa.” It’s too short and kind of uncomfortable.

2. The stationary exercise bike I borrowed from Angie’s List was a great call. I used it Tuesday morning while reading the first two chapters of Animal Farm.

3. I packed like I was going on vacation: too many clothes and way too many books.

4. We set up a webcam—The Panda Cam, I call it—which we didn’t realize had audio for the first hour. I hope I didn’t say anything stupid.

5. I’ve become aware that my coworkers and friends are watching. I’m deathly afraid that someone will compile a gag reel of me scratching or tripping over the retention wall of books that pens me in.

6. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch me sit here for longer than a millisecond.

7. Maybe I need to get up and just dance like no one is watching.

8. I have had some real George Bailey moments. Though I fretted about setting up eating arrangements, friends have come out of the woodwork to deliver food.

9. I’ve been fed by Bourbon Street Distillery, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, Twenty Tap, The Pantry from Brad Gates Catering, and Broad Ripple Brewpub.

10. Did I mention the exercise bike was a great call?


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Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, 340 N. Senate Ave., vonnegutlibrary.org

Photos by Emily Taylor