Ms. Pat’s Five Greatest Hits

Indy comedienne Ms. Pat’s new autobiography, <em>Rabbit</em>, hit shelves this week. <em>IM</em> looks back on five of the funniest moments (so far!) from her 14-year career.
Fans of Ms. Pat are familiar with her stand-up staple: She’s been shot twice and hit by a dump truck. But did you know she’s been baptized more than 50 times, or that she once took Jimmy Carter’s order at McDonald’s? IM found five of Ms. Pat’s funniest moments, from an intimate gig at Indy comedy joint Morty’s in 2009 all the way to the big stage in Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening in 2015. [Note: All of the clips below feature colorful language that some audiences might find offensive. Enjoy appropriately.]

  • Meeting Jimmy Carter

Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, 2015
Ms. Pat is working the register at McDonald’s when the President walks in, but she can’t figure out where she knows him from.

  • Living in Plainfield, a “White People” Neighborhood

Morty’s Comedy Joint, 2009
After Ms. Pat moves to Plainfield, her white neighbors bake her cakes so she won’t break into their houses.

  • Life-Saving Assets 

Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, 2015
Living in “the hood” in Atlanta makes Ms. Pat grateful she’s not an A-cup.

  • Racism on Sale

NBC’s Last Comic Standing, 2015
Ms. Pat enjoys buying the discounted merchandise of racist white celebrities like Paula Deen (10-cent Duck Dynasty cups, anyone?).

  • The Fake Mechanic

The Joe Rogan Experience, 2015
How Ms. Pat ended up out $300 and with a barbecue spatula in her engine.

While you’re enjoying her top comedic moments, take some time to read IM‘s exclusive excerpt of her autobiography, Rabbit.