Photos: Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Play Old National Centre

The Indy-meets-Chicago collective performed at the Deluxe venue on New Year’s Eve.

In front of a hometown crowd, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s helped rock in the New Year at Old National Centre’s Underground New Year’s Eve bash.

One of this city’s indie music heroes, Margot brought a mix of the old and new, the songs locals fell in love with from the beginning and some they will soon enjoy the same, including a couple tracks from their upcoming February album, Sling Shot to Heaven.

Seeing Margot perform in the cramped confines of the Deluxe venue in the building’s basement may not have been faithful fans’ preferred way to experience it all. Bass lines echoed through the door at the back of the room due to DJs down the hall, and an overly talkative crowd led Margot’s lead singer, Richard Edwards, to address its noise mid-show. But the concert itself was indisputably like any Margot show, evoking memories of now-vintage times when you first saw their live act or put on that vinyl.

The band opened a time capsule when its members returned for an encore, launching into “Broadripple is Burning.” While Broad Ripple still stands after our collective dive into 2014, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s provided a night of nods and winks to the past, unveiling new songs that already seem reminiscent of days gone by.