Rumor: Rupert Heading Back to Survivor

And he’s not the only Hoosier on the leaked cast list

Update: The reports were true, and two Bonehams will indeed compete—against each other—on the new season of Survivor, premiering tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Dig out your tie-dye tanks. Rupert Boneham is rumored to have flown to the Philippines this week to film the next season of Survivor, returning to his television roots after a failed bid for governor last year.

You won’t see Survivor on the cover of entertainment magazines anymore, but the granddaddy of all reality-TV competitions is still chugging along respectably. As it enters its 27th season, Rupert remains one of its biggest stars. He’s now only the second person cast on the show four times.

The Internet’s reliable Survivor spoilists include Rupert on the leaked roster for the next season. They also claim that his wife, Laura, will take up a torch alongside him this time as part of the next installment’s family twist. CBS has announced that the season is subtitled Blood vs. Water, and word is that each returning player will be joined by a relative or close friend.

Rupert performed well in each of his three seasons, finishing eighth, fourth, and sixth, respectively. In 2004, he took home $1 million as the “fan favorite” of the first all-stars edition. But since then, his popularity has nearly been snuffed out. Fans obsessing over next season’s cast in online forums don’t have many nice things to say about the only Hoosier ever cast on Survivor. He’s perceived as someone who plays up a persona for the camera, and many fans are over the lovable-pirate shtick. As far as his game play, one past contestant told us that Rupert lacks the “black heart” necessary to succeed in Survivor.

Perhaps Mrs. Boneham will prove to be the one with the killer instinct.

What do you think? Will you watch and root for Rupert again?