Taking the Show on the Road: 4 Imagined Art Vehicles

A caravan inspired by the campaign to build an IndyFringe Truck that will bring theater to festivals across the state.

John Green Bookmobile

A hit with nerdy teenagers, this truck runs on the manic energy of its namesake. It makes a million dollars every time it circles the block.  




Eiteljorg Covered Wagon

Once full of dusty relics, this coach has been transporting a lot of cool pistols, motorcycles, and guitars lately. Tip your hat to that lady when she rolls by, son. 





Palladium Luxe Truck

It may be behind on payments, but it sounds a lot better than some of the jalopies that host concerts in Marion County. 





Kinsey Institute Gallery Bus

Not allowed within 100 feet of a school, this curtains-drawn ride does a lot of rocking. Better not go knocking.



Illustrations by Parker Myers

This article appeared in the September 2013 issue.