Unscripted: Sasheer Zamata on Her Favorite SNL Moment

Hugging Leonardo DiCaprio? Nope.

Sasheer speaks! Saturday Night Live Instagrammed a video of the show’s newest cast member recalling her favorite moment on the show so far … all two weeks of it. Her answer amounts to about as many words as Zamata (a Pike High School alum) has uttered on the show since she debuted on Jan. 18; SNL has given her a lot of screen time but not much to say or do. That’s understandable, but anyone who has seen the comedian’s web series “The Pursuit of Sexiness” or her self-written sketch “Sasheer Meets Her Flasher”—or noticed how much she made of one line in the detention skit in her premiere—knows the 27-year-old is capable of much more, and we can’t wait to see it. In the clip, her winsome personality comes through. 

NBC also posted a shot of the Hoosier at a read-through, presumably for this week’s show, hosted by Melissa McCarthy. Here’s hoping the pink marker she’s holding is for highlighting a bunch of lines.