Video: Peyton and Eli Manning Rap in New Ad

The quarterback brothers speak-sing about—what else?—football for DIRECTV.

The wacky new “music video” starring the Indianapolis Colts’ erstwhile star, Peyton Manning, and kid brother Eli has (to the surprise of no one) become an instant hit on YouTube. Their video has seen more than two million views since its Tuesday debut. Big bro Peyton, now helming the Denver Broncos team, and Eli, QB for the New York Giants, continue a string of hilarious commercial appearances in the spot for DIRECTV’s forthcoming Sunday NFL coverage. Naturally, we find the horrible wigs, campy strutting and acting, and leggy dancers to be endearing. Basically, if the Mannings are involved, we’re game.

Just watch out for that cameo from the top Manning in charge: Archie shows up late in the clip, and looks quite comfortable and natural wigging out in his new coiffure.