Video: Pink Flies Over Fans at Indy Concert

The queen of muscular pop songs churned out a full-on spectacle at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

There are pop tarts—Katy Perry, Britney Spears, perhaps even Lady Gaga—and then there is Pink. Her sound is unabashedly pop, and her persona and cache of hit songs are certainly tart. A litany of her hits—”There You Go,” “Who Knew,” “U + Ur Hand,” and more—got a workout on Thursday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which she turned into her personal “Funhouse,” as it were. Maybe it’s better said that the songs gave her a workout, as evidenced by her performance of a literal show-stopper, the closing “So What”:

Broadway’s Spider-Man has nothing on that. Pink flipped and soared around the interior of the arena, held into a flexible harness, part of a sophisticated set of apparatuses around the room that had her bound from one area to the next so that she could “touch” all the corners of her local fandom.

Top-charting songs “Please Don’t Leave Me” and “Glitter in the Air” were noticeably absent on this night, but suffice it to say, the acrobatic Pink—a gymnast in her younger days—continues to put on a banner show.

At one point, a front-and-center fan barked out to her that he wanted to join her family. “You want to be my gay son?” Pink responded almost incredulously. “Well, if I get pregnant again, will you guys just pray that I have a gay son?” Elsewhere she autographed fans’ wrists and arms mid-show—and even one forehead. A blonde, elementary-school-age girl was passed up to her at the edge of the stage at one point so that she could likewise sign the sobbing girl’s cast. Pink was more than happy to comply, and seemed genuinely touched herself.

She’s not a healer, at least not of physical ailments, but in another way, she is just that.