Quick Q&A with Patty Griffin

The singer-songwriter will perform at the Palladium on March 20 with Sara Watkins and Anais Mitchell in support of the League of Women Voters. We caught up with Griffin before the show.

You’ve said you want this tour to “bang the drum about our democracy.” How does our democracy look to you at the moment?

It’s not incredibly healthy. There was an article in The New York Times recently about how well protected the wealthiest are from taxation. The rest of us are paying a larger percentage of our incomes than they are. And on top of that, we’re not voting as well as we could be.

What should we expect from this show?

The three of us are going to participate in each other’s music onstage. They’re really talented women. It’s political, but it’s non-partisan and everyone’s welcome.

Until recently, you were performing with your ex-boyfriend Robert Plant. How different was that for you—both musically and being in the spotlight dating a legend?

I think I’m going to pass on that question since the upcoming tour is the League of Women one. Thank you.

Someone recently commented on YouTube that you are “the world’s most underrated artist.” What’s your reaction to that?

That’s an odd thing to say. I believe I’ve done fairly well. There are so many people out there who are incredibly talented yet nobody knows about them.

Servant of Love (2015) is your 10th album. When you look at your body of work, do you see a trajectory?

I will say there’s a social consciousness to it, particularly related to women. That’s clear to me now, and it wasn’t when I was younger. When I look back on the music, it has always been there.