10 Books for Andrew Luck’s Teammates And Coaches

<em>The Wall Street Journal</em> reports that Andrew Luck is the unofficial librarian of the NFL, here are a few books he needs to deliver to his teammates, coaches, and front office.

Andrew Luck has developed a reputation as not only an accomplished professional quarterback (most of the time) but also as a huge trivia and book nerd. Kevin Clark reported in The Wall Street Journal that Luck constantly suggests books to his teammates.

In the article, teammate Matt Hasselbeck says that there have been “seven or eight” books Luck has passed onto him—ones that the backup quarterback immediately passes along to his wife.

“She’ll start reading them,” Hasselbeck said to WSJ. “Then, if they’re good enough, she’ll give me the green light.”

If Luck is indeed playing locker-room librarian, we’d like to make a few suggestions for this year’s struggling team.

10 Books for the Colts

Pep Hamilton – The Formula for Linked In Success by Wayne Breitbarth

Pep was the first casualty, though probably not the last, in the battle between coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson. A 3-5 start for one of the NFL’s most promising offenses had to have a fall guy, and Pep has played that role. After last season, he was one of the NFL’s hottest head-coaching prospects, and now Hamilton will now be hard-pressed to find a position in the college ranks. Dust off that resume and get that LinkedIn account looking pretty.

Ryan Grigson – The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The story goes that Phil Jackson once gifted this book to Kobe Bryant to inspire leadership. The ancient Chinese guide to strategy and tactics might be a good read for Grigson as he tries avoid the ax. Recovering from a woeful offensive line, poor draft strategy, free-agent misses, the Trent Richardson episode, and the rift between him and Pagano will be tough to overcome no matter how much of the Zen Master he can channel.

Adam Vinatieri – You’re Only Old Once by Dr. Seuss


Stay young forever, Adam. At 42, Vinatieri is the oldest player in the league and hasn’t shown signs of aging yet—he has already banged two 50-yard-plus field goals this year.

Pat McAfee – Born Standing Up, a Comic’s Life by Steve Martin


While McAfee might be waiting in the wings for field goal duties and looks like the team’s MVP this year, he is still testing the waters for a side gig. As the first active professional football player to do stand-up comedy, he sold out two shows over the summer. His highly anticipated “A Ridiculous New Year’s Eve” promises to be the “Best NYE of your life.

Chuck Pagano – Stand by Me by Neta Jackson


The case for Pagano includes Luck’s injury, three consecutive playoff appearances, rousing speeches, and blaming Grigson. The case against him is this.

Jim Irsay – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


The man wants—rather, expects—another Lombardi Trophy, but it appears he’s in line for more gruel (sorry—different Dickens book).

Andre Johnson – Invisible Man or Tale of Two Cities

41-IfiSn50L._SX306_BO1,204,203,200_   61Q5c3tlLiL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

Johnson’s numbers have taken a nose dive since leaving the Houston Texans. While his age might have tempered expectations, finally having a real-life quarterback should have been a boost to the wideout. Halfway through the season, Johnson is on pace for career lows in yardage and catches.

Anthony Castonzo – To Have and To Hold by Jane Green


The Colts have the most offensive holding penalties in the league this year. While protecting the quarterback is a priority (well, to some—see: Grigson), Castonzo just needs to learn to let go.

Robert Mathis – Iliad (Achilles) by Homer

Don’t let anyone near that achilles Mathis. The sack-master has returned after a year-long absence following a torn achilles tendon. We’re just waiting for him to channel his inner-Achilles and get to quarterbacks like this:



Andrew Luck – Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump

Art of the Deal

With contract negotiations looming, Luck could become the highest-paid player in the league. He could take a page from Trump. Or, not.