The New Indy Must-Do List: George Hill's Hometown Favorites

Here, some of his own must-dos. Now be a good Indianapolitan and cheer on the local guy.
Battling teammates at White River Paintball
5211 S. New Columbus Rd., 317-489-3732
“I’m the one who gets out in the open and runs around. A lot of my teammates hide and shoot. I come and get you.”
Burning rubber at Fastimes Indoor Karting
3455 Harper Rd., 317-566-0066
“I’m competitive, so I try to win everything I do.”
Feasting at Kountry Kitchen
1831 N. College Ave., 317-926-4476
Fried catfish or roast beef with macaroni ’n’ cheese and sweet potatoes, all washed down with the restaurant’s “great” lemonade.
Singing karaoke at EZ’s Fusion Zone
6155 E. 86th St., 317-849-5446
“I’m a great singer. I like country.” Hill doesn’t resort to liquid courage before taking the stage—he drinks Shirley Temples.
Shoe-shopping at Foot Locker’s House of Hoops
Greenwood Park Mall, 1251 U.S. 31, 317-887-8601
“I’m too much of a shoe fan.” No kidding—he’s wearing one of Nike’s LeBron styles here.

So you’ve climbed the Monument, munched on corn at the Indiana State Fair, had your mouth set afire by a certain shrimp-cocktail sauce. But what are the modern-day rites of passage? We have answers: The New Indy-Must Do List.
This article appeared in the February 2014 issue.