The Replay: Colts, Matt Hasselbeck, and Stephanie White

Andrew Who? edition

Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.

The 40-Year-Old Verging

Backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck continues to yank the Colts back from the brink of disaster in Andrew Luck’s absence. For the second time in five days, the 40-year-old rallied Indianapolis to a win over an AFC Sloth opponent, beating Houston on Thursday, 27-20. Hasselbeck, who led Seattle to a Super Bowl ten years ago, was hospitalized earlier in the week—and left for dead by a local sports columnist in the preseason.

While we may never know what caused Hasselbeck’s recovery, one thing is certain: After getting the Colts’ flaccid offense to rise, the old man has a Cialis commercial in his future.


Pass Fail

The win over the Texans wasn’t all wine and roses. Before the half, with no time left on the clock, Houston quarterback Brian Hoyer found rookie receiver Jaelen Strong in the end zone for a Hail Mary TD.

As IM executive editor Evan West pointed out, the Colts defense was off duty.


Fever Blisters Officiating

Indiana Fever coach Stephanie White blasted the refs after Minnesota pulled even in the WNBA Finals best-of-five series on Tuesday, but escaped with a slap on the wrist. Former Pacer Roy Hibbert got it a little worse.


Who says we won’t have Roy to push around?


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