The Replay: Reggie Miller, Yogi Ferrell, and Barack Obama

Presidential Approval Edition
Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


» Bon Not: Former Pacers great Reggie Miller can shoot—just not from the hip. As Deadspin pointed out, during TNT’s broadcast of the Pelicans-Warriors playoff game, the player-turned-analyst didn’t seem to understand how puns work:  “I think Anthony Davis is starting to realize, ‘You know what? I may be the best player on the floor—no pun, Steph Curry,'” said Miller. As one Deadspin commenter put it, “Wow, that’s ironic.”


» Stand Guard: Indiana point guard Yogi Ferrell will announce his future plans (stay in Bloomington for one more year or turn pro) on Saturday, but some observers are speculating that James Blackmon Jr.’s decision to stay in school is a sign that Ferrell is a goner.

And then there are other theories regarding the motives of Ferrell, who was arrested last year during Little 500 (which takes place this weekend):


» Thanks, Obama: President Barack Obama welcomed the Super Bowl–winning New England Patriots to the White House—with a flurry of putdowns aimed at the Colts’ chief rival. The president even managed to take a DeflateGate dig (worth noting is Robert Kraft’s not-my-president grin in the video) and float the notion that the Patriots won the title using dirty tricks. Politically correct!


» Ahead of Schedule: NFL schedules for the 2015 season were released this week, and thanks to what appears to be a favorable slate of games, some analysts are penciling in plenty of wins for the Colts. Seems as if someone at the Colts complex has a horseshoe up their a**.


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