Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live

The Hoosier showed his funny side opening as the year’s first SNL host.
Star Wars’s newest addition to the Dark Side—and Mishawaka native—Adam Driver hosted the first Saturday Night Live of 2016 this past weekend. If you still haven’t seen the new Star Wars, the episode won’t spoil it for you, though it does poke a little fun at the villainous Kylo Ren. Complete with a goofy wig and Day-Glo vest, Driver (who attended University of Indianapolis) goes incognito in an amusing Undercover Boss parody to investigate the goings-on at Star Killer base. Ren has a tough time fooling his new co-workers, what with his violent outbursts and all. But in true Undercover Boss fashion, he forges a connection with one of his employees—or at least as much of a connection as Kylo Ren is capable of.

In another sketch, Driver pairs with Vanessa Bayer as two Golden Globe winners fawning over their award statues and breaking into the after-party VIP section while their two kids (Kyle Mooney and Kate McKinnon) worry at home. The next morning, the kids are greeted by the sight of their parents in disarray on the living room couch and an apron-wearing, omelet-making Liev Schreiber.

Finally, a standout sketch from Saturday’s episode features Driver as Finn Raynal-Beads, the enthusiastic host of America’s Funniest Cats. Finn is accompanied by a pair of stern French cat-video commentators (Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon) who struggle with the concept of funny bloopers. This sketch is particularly timely after the discovery of Driver’s cat doppelganger later in the weekend.

The Kylo Ren Cat