Indiana’s Top Distilleries

Indiana’s artisan-distilling industry is flowing freely with the new state law.

When Indiana passed an artisan-distilling law in 2013, boozy applause erupted in all corners of the state. At last, small distilleries could sell directly to consumers and offer samples on site, instead of going through distributors. As a result, gins, vodkas, rums, moonshines, brandies, and liqueurs now flow freely at tasting rooms from Hotel Tango and 12.05 Distillery in Indianapolis, to Bear Wallow in Nashville, Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington, and Starlight Distillery at Huber’s Orchard, Winery & Vineyards in Starlight. New distillers continue to get in the game, including Mass Ave’s Broken Beaker Distillery and 176 in Columbus. But the update we have all been waiting to hear is that, two years after the law passed, aged spirits are beginning to appear. Starlight released (and quickly sold out of) its first straight-aged bourbon. The other craft distillers expect to offer more aged bourbons in 2016. 

Hotel Tango

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12.05 Distillery

Bear Wallow

Cardinal Spirits

Starlight Distillery