Unspoken Rules of Gen Con

How to avoid looking like a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy nerf herder.

First-timer at Gen Con? Take our advice:

» Avoid one line by eating outside of the convention center. Try a sit-down place a block or two away for maximum foot relief.


» Not into tabletop or video games? Look for pick-up games of Cards Against Humanity in the hallways, join the card-stack for charity, or grab a card for the scavenger hunt. There’s plenty to do!


» Ask about prices in the vendor area, but don’t argue them. If you’re not interested in spending $100 on handmade leather accessories or custom artwork, that’s fine – other people will be.


» Look online for cheaper ways to test out nerdwear – Teepublic, Redbubble, and Cafepress have all the T-shirt designs you could ever want.


» Take a picture with a cosplayer.


» Bonus points if you find the same person later in a different costume.


» Bonus points to the cosplayer if you don’t recognize them the second time.


» Ask permission before taking a picture with a costumed attendee—avoid potential awkwardness and let them strike a pose!


» Sign Tim the Balloon Sculptor’s witness book.

photo 1


» Find Star Lord on Saturday and challenge him to a dance-off.


» The food trucks on Georgia Street are busy, but the people-watching in line might be worth it.