April 2018 Foodie: Lisa Moyer

Greiner’s Sub Shop owner Lisa Moyer dishes out seconds with a new location.
From the outside, Lisa Moyer’s success may look like a Cinderella story. But in this version, Cinderella saves herself. (Nothing personal, Prince Charming.)

Moyer owns more food trucks than anybody else in Indianapolis, overseeing Scout’s Treat Truck, Bark Truck, Mac Genie, Greiner’s, and Cook+Baker, the dedicated food provider for Burnside Inn on Mass Ave. And she recently opened the second brick-and-mortar location of Greiner’s Sub Shop, the 38-year-old business she bought in 2014.

Eight years ago, Moyer left her job managing travel programs for Lilly Pharmaceuticals and other Fortune 500 firms. Newly divorced, she found herself in need of a fresh start and wanted to do something fun with the second half of her life. After saving all of her money in a cigar box for a year, she bought Scout’s Treat Truck. More trucks followed, and then a Match.com prospect led her to Greiner’s. Moyer didn’t have high hopes for a love connection, but she wanted to get a look at the sub shop her date was selling. “I knew the day I walked in that I was supposed to buy it,” she says. Goodbye, second date; hello, second act.

Her new Greiner’s shop, on 86th Street across from North Central High School, has all the favorites from the original, like bread baked daily, plus a small breakfast menu and craft coffee. Moyer, who happily puts in 18-hour days seven days a week, does vow to take one day a week off in 2018. Color us skeptical—Cinderella has a kingdom to run.