Swoon List: Taco & Burrito Place, Ukiyo, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

A flight of cold-pressed juices mixed from raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs from The Garden Table (342 Mass Ave., 317-638-0321).

A trio of tacos (clockwise from top: al pastor, asada, and chorizo) topped in the traditional way with diced onions and cilantro from Taco & Burrito Place (4102 N. Keystone Ave., 317-546-3420).

Tacos from the aptly named Taco & Burrito Place

Spoke & Steele (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616) serves up a couple of sexy scallops with edamame, radishes, chilis, and umami miso sauce.

Scallops from Spoke & Steele

From the “cold” selection on the menu at Ukiyo (4907 College Ave., 317-384-1048) comes the salmon butsugiri with milk bread, miso egg yolk, kewpie mayo, and nori.

Salmon butsugiri from Ukiyo

Finally, Crispy Bird (115 E. 49th Street, 317-744-0000) offers their take on the oft-tweaked Hoosier Pie, with a tartlet of silky maple pudding studded with dried cherries, and garnished with whipped cream and whey.

Crispy Bird’s take on the Hoosier pie