Batch Maker: Lemon Tree Cookies

Custom cookies for any occasion, now available at Fresco Italian Cafe and Wildwood Market.

A few months ago, if you wanted to eat your feelings with a plate of Liz Maci’s intricately embellished lemon porcelain cookies, you had to special-order a batch—in shapes ranging from a snowflake to a baby’s onesie to the state of Indiana wrapped in a red-icing ribbon. Now that she has teamed up with daughter Abby (who also serves as the director of digital strategy at Well Done Marketing), Lemon Tree Cookies is expanding its portfolio of petite pastries and making them available at retail outlets such as Fresco Italian Cafe on the canal and Wildwood Market in Fountain Square.

Baking out of Indy’s Kitchen, the duo whips up a range of treats, most of which are too pretty to stash inside a cookie jar. Among the snickerdoodles and whoopie pies, standouts include pistachio butter cookies dipped in Nutella and the Oh-My-Ohs, an Oreo clone that is equally addictive as the Nabisco original. Just be sure to have some milk on hand. (317)491-3949,