Can We Come Too?

Where our furry friends can tag along around Indy.
Anyone that has a pet knows they’re not just an animal that has begun using our homes as crash-pads, they’re our family. The cats sleep next to our feet, and the dogs sometimes kick us out of our own comfy beds, but we let them get away with it, because they’re one of us—just cuter. But we’re tired of leaving the sad puppy-dog eyes in the window—it’s time they come with us. Here’s a list of all of the places you can bring your pets—some you might have known already and some you never thought of.

Restaurants and Bars

After a brisk walk along the Monon Trail, head to Fire by the Monon, where you’ll be able to dine on the patio and take in the warm, summer night with the whole family. Be sure to check out the renowned Dirty Mac and Cheese—and maybe sneak some to your furry companion. 6523 Ferguson St., 317-252-5920

For a dog or cat that loves to brunch, take them to Cafe Patachou, where they’ll be able to sit outside on the patio with you and take in the sunshine. The staff will be happy to provide some water for your pets, but you’ll have to order the side of extra bacon for them to nibble on. 4901 N. Pennsylvania St., 317-925-2823; 8697 River Crossing Blvd., 317-815-0765

Another great place to bring your canine friend after a long, tiring hike is Triton Brewing Company, right outside of Fort Benjamin Harrison. They’re happy to let your pets on the patio while you sip on one of their 26 specialty beers (just don’t let your little friend have too many licks, or you might have to haul them home early). 5764 Wheeler Road, 317-735-2706

For a dining experience for the whole family, including your furriest of kids, check out Shoefly Public House. Lights strewn across the picnic tables illuminate the delectable American-with-a-twist food, and there’s plenty of room for your pets and kids to feel free to run around until the food arrives. 122 E. 22nd St, 317-283-5007

For a night your frisky pup will never forget, take them to Flat 12 Bierwerks, where not only can they join you to eat, they can actually get a lick of their 12 Paws Dog Brew, non-alcoholic beer made especially for the beloved canines of Indy. The first keg will be available on June 12 and all the proceeds go to local pet-welfare charities, so let your dog slurp a drink on you! 414 Dorman St., 317-635-2337


Undoubtedly your dogs and cats are art lovers, so take them out for a stroll in the 100 Acres Art and Nature Park to see Funky Bones or the Indy Island, and it’ll for sure get their tails wagging. As long as they’re leashed and picked up after, the animals are more than welcome, and they’re sure to enjoy the bountiful grass to run on. 4000 Michigan Rd., 317-923-1331

A great place to tire your dog out for a long, almost-catlike nap, is Fort Harrison State Park Dog Park. Featuring three separate, fenced-in areas, there’s about 10 total acres for your pup to get all of its energy out. The park has a wooded area, an open area, and an area with water for those dogs that love to get their paws a little wet. And the best part? There’s an area to wash your dog off after so they won’t get their dirty prints all over your clean car. 5753 Glenn Rd., 317-591-0904

On the north side of the Indy area, Pierson Bark Park offers a spacious and fenced-in four-acre recreation area that’s perfect for you and your dog. With a pond for the aquatic-inclined, and drinking stations for thirsty pups, this dog park will have your dog howling to come back. 11787 E. 131st St., Fishers, 317-577-2275

More Fun

What’s a movie night without your four-legged best friend? Luckily, Tibbs Drive-In, allows them to tag along (as long as they’re behaved and their owners pick up after them), so they can join in the fun. With four screens and the latest box-office hits, your whole carload will enjoy the fun. 480 S. Tibbs Ave., 317-243-3810

Want to get away from the day-to-day life in Indy? Stay in the Old Northside Bed and Breakfast and go back to simpler times, experiencing life in Indy before it became the crossroads. Bring your feline, canine, kids—they’re all welcome—to enjoy the carefree stay in the historic Old Northside neighborhood in Indianapolis. 1340 N. Alabama St., 317-635-9123

If you and your dog or cat, or whoever your furry friend is, are history buffs, stroll Crown Hill Cemetery in an afternoon to see the resting places of President Benjamin Harrison, Eli Lilly, and bank robber John Dillinger. As long as you and your animal are respectful, you can stay as long as you want, but before you leave be sure to check out of the city view from “The Crown,” the highest point in Indianapolis—it’s one you won’t forget! 700 W. 38th St., 317-925-3800

While all of these places allow domestic animals, they ask if you choose to bring them that you keep them on a leash, unless you’re at a dog park, and pick up after them.